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Interior Design


Sammy is as comfortable designing the interior  of an entire home, start to finish, as he is when he's commissioned to create a single room or to alter one that already exists.


He has great knowledge of periods and styles and his senses of color, texture, and proportion are exemplary.  His sources are vast and varied, ensuring uniquity for every project.


He is conscientious of budgetary constraints, even when there are seemingly none.  He knows which elements should be lavish and which should be more simply attractive, affordable, and serviceable.


He is tenacious to completion , and finishes every aspect of any project that he accepts.


Design Of Specific Pieces


There are times when the perfect object simply cannot be found, no matter how hard one looks.  Sammy Beam has the ability to envision, exactly, such elusive items.  Once he imagines a piece, he draws it to precise specifications. He then hands the sketches to one of the many skilled artisans that he's come to rely upon for fabrication. 


Pictured at left is a dining table plateau of silvered iron, rock crystal, and antique mirror.  It was created as a companion to its inspiration, the elaborate Russian-inspired chandelier that hangs above it.  It is one of several  elements that Sammy imagined and had fashioned for a dream client with great style and great expectations.  

Scenic Murals

Sammy  segued, from fashion expert to aficionado of interiors, when he began accepting commissions for scenic murals from talented interior designer friends. He is exceedingly lucky to have learned  techniques, on-the-job, that enable him to create murals of nearly any effect.  Whether the desired look is loose and Aisian-inspired, juvenile in spirit and appropriate for a child's environment, or as crisp and formal as the block printed scenic wallpapers of 18th century France, Sammy has the ability to make the illusion a reality.  


Fun Commercial Murals

Sammy Beam has completed hundreds of lively, light-hearted murals for businesses throughout the United States over the last three decades.  Murals like these can still be commissioned and either painted on large canvases for shipping or painted, on site, if the customer wishes.

Trompe l'Oeil

In the French language, trompe l'oeil means trick of the eye.  Sammy Beam is very careful to never use the phrase to describe his work unless it truly does exactly that.  He is a master of trompe l'oeil.  The photograph of the trompe l'oeil bookcase at the left shows an example of Sammy's skill.  


Painted Furniture

Beautifully painted furniture has been prized since the moment of its conception.  With a little paint and a lot of imagination, Sammy can make nearly any piece of furniture a cherished heirloom of tomorrow.   

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